Update v1.0 (Final Version)

? - A Mystery Minigame becames still more Mysterious!

Final Version (v1.0) changes:

  • Added a Mysterious Mini Introduction.
  • Added some Mini Mysterious Sound Effects!
  • A new and maybe more Mysterious Mini ending
  • Mysterious Bug Fixes and other Mini changes.



A Mistery Minigame v1.0 webVersion.zip Play in browser
Jan 11, 2019
A Mistery Minigame v1.0 pcVersion.zip 27 MB
Jan 11, 2019

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LOL All done. Thank you again. I wouldn't  mind seeing more of these. It was very interesting to play.  I give you 5 Stars. AND I liked the music too. Now I am going to leave the game on in the background just to hear the music while I surf the web or busy on my computer paying bills etc. Thanks!

We are glad you like our game! :)

We have another games like this (Most of them in spanish, but you can check our profile and found some (Too Many Mouths is in english))

Thanks for playing!

Yes I found Too Many Mouths, Thank you and I will also check out the others even though I don't speak write or read spanish. Thanks for creating!

Ok happy I finally figured out how to get red but now  I am REALLY stumped.

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Hey! ^^
Now you need to solve the final puzzle. Is related with the shelfs :)
Good luck!

I don't think all the luck in the world is going to help me solve the final puzzle. Maybe you could please email me another hint. spoiledsuezie@gmail.com


Check your email :)

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Ok I got the yellow to drop and I know how I did it. I got the blue, kind of know what I did. But don't have a clue about the red. ???. Ok I DO know how I got blue. Still stuck about red. Can you give any clues?

Mysterious is so right. I am totally confused as to what to do in this game.  Can you help me out a bit? Thank you.